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How we won 'Innovation in Sales' at the Engage B2B Awards

December, 07 2023
How we won 'Innovation in Sales' at the Engage B2B Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that RevOps Automated won “Best use of technology in sales”/”Innovation in sales” at the Engage B2B Awards. The award ceremony took place last night at The Brewery in London, and we were up against some very stiff competition. Zendesk Google Cloud, Atlassian, EY, 6sense, Twitch, Lloyds TSB Offshore Banking, BT Group, and Cisco were just some of the big names nominated last night.

We won for the work we did with EV Chargers (EVC), a fast-growing company providing electric vehicle charging solutions. Our work led to a number of impressive results, including a 500% increase in charger installs.

So how did we win? Read on to find out.

Entry criteria: How nominees were shortlisted

To be shortlisted for the awards, we had to submit a project with information that fit the following criteria:

OBJECTIVES: Provide clear evidence and well thought out understanding of the strategy and requirements.

INNOVATION: Demonstrate innovation, uniqueness and a forward thinking approach.

EXECUTION: How was the strategy executed and what made it work so well.

SUCCESS: Clearly demonstrate success with solid accountable evidence and ultimately why it should win.

We submitted our application detailing the work we completed with EVC. First, we had to lay out the challenge that EVC faced and how we were able to come onboard to assist.

Challenges faced by EVC

EV Chargers (EVC) approached us during their quest to become the premier electric vehicle charging point provider in the UK. Founded with the mission to facilitate free installation of EV charging points across residential, commercial, and workplace sectors, their goal is to simplify the transition to electric vehicles. It is an ambitious vision. However, the complexity of their sales pipeline demanded an innovative, swift sales solution to facilitate business expansion.

Leveraging our extensive 50+ years of combined experience in Revenue Operations (RevOps), we were uniquely positioned to craft a tailored solution. The Chief Operating Officer initially engaged us for our adeptness in devising intelligent solutions for Directors, Sales Leaders, Operations, and CMOs striving to enhance operational efficiency across marketing, sales, and customer success departments.

At the outset, EVC lacked established systems or procedures, resulting in missed deadlines and leads while operating within isolated departmental silos. This resulted in customer attrition during the sales funnel. Their pipeline stood at a critical juncture - involving site surveys and construction by engineers, funding acquisition, and the intertwining complexities of apps and software.

A customised system, built from the ground up, was imperative to streamline their operations, capture and report data efficiently, and recover lost leads. Recognising that a comprehensive end-to-end sales-to-implementation software plan was necessary to tackle their challenges, our focus was on creating a unified system where customers wouldn't slip through the cracks, emphasising paramount importance on enhancing the customer experience.

Bringing innovation and creativity to the table

We identified three critical issues to address: funding, installation/energy supply, and expanding market presence. To tackle these challenges, we constructed a bespoke system utilising HubSpot software, never seen or attempted before. This solution facilitated comprehensive end-to-end implementation.

The primary hurdle for the business was the absence of a clear owner for the entire customer data flow. This led to a lack of insight into revenue drivers, causing data silos across marketing, sales, and success teams. Consequently, the sales funnel suffered from disarray, as the customer journey remained unknown.

Our work involved assisting EVC in integrating their systems to create an overall view of the customer journey. Additionally, although EVC was generating leads, there was a lack of qualification associated with these leads. Understanding the quality of these leads in relation to revenue remained a mystery. We designed a personalised system that seamlessly connected sales, customer service, and marketing to gain a holistic view of the customer journey, diagnosing and addressing various pain points.

Essentially, our approach involved stepping back to identify gaps across the entire process and bridging them effectively. Our role was to interconnect various components to ensure a smooth customer experience from initiation to conclusion, ultimately driving increased market share and securing future funding.

The difference we made

Companies typically utilise HubSpot for sales and separately for ticketing purposes. This approach wouldn't suit EVC's needs. To address this, we developed a tailored algorithm, designed to function as a project management system. This entailed integrating HubSpot's Sales Hub and Service Hub ticketing system to construct a unified, sequential sales pipeline solely managed by EVC’s sales team.

Throughout the sales process, the algorithm automatically generated installation project tickets at key stages, ranging from surveys to energy provisioning, engineering, legalities, and commercial aspects. These tickets were generated based on the data captured within each deal.

This unified approach ensured that irrespective of the deal's nuances, all could adhere to standardised processes. The innovative utilisation of HubSpot, employing smart, automated ticket triggers, was one of our most innovative implementations.

We built an automated date-stamping system to track the progression of deals through the pipeline that would identify bottlenecks for further optimisation. The ticketing system updated each ticket's status to the respective deal, equipping the sales team with crucial insights to speed up progress, thereby automating and synchronising their entire criteria and alleviating their workload significantly.

We conducted comprehensive interviews with stakeholders across departments, engaging everyone from the CFO to frontline sales personnel. This collective insight was instrumental in crafting a technical blueprint for this multifaceted software, accommodating diverse viewpoints from everyone who would need to use and benefit from the project.

The absence of a scalable system posed risks to customer experience and operational capacity. Our task was to streamline processes, enabling EVC to deploy more chargers with fewer resources while ensuring a traceable end system - essential for future investor confidence and business growth.

Now equipped with a comprehensive view of their accounts and contacts, the EVC team can precisely report on charger locations and types, a capability they lacked previously.

The resulting increase in EVC installations and scalable sales led to an impressive £165 million funding raise, a feat unattainable before the implementation of this technology solution.


And the results?

The percentage of opportunities being turned into completed deals and successfully implemented chargers has increased by 20%. EVC was able to secure 15 new businesses, including increased market share in the hospitality space. The company now has charging points at The Hilton, Best Western and Ibis, plus market leader workspace provider Regus.

£50,000 / 100 days a month are now saved on C-suite time. With the new data system, algorithm and automated approval process, the time to complete each approval has gone from 24 hours to just 5 minutes.

£350,000 per year saved on Sales Administration. With the automated system, EVC is able to scale sales without the need of hiring the 7 sales administrators that they previously planned for.

Could we have a solution for you?

This is just one of our many projects we have created with our clients. Our experience and innovation means we can create never seen before solutions to problems, through the smart application of technology and revenue operations.

If you’ve read this far, then you might be interested in how we can transform your business through our work. If so, why not book a call with one of our strategists today and find out how we can help you and your business.