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Flimp Communications
increased conversion
by 40%

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Flimp Communications provides videos, decision-support tools, employee texting, and interactive, digital communication solutions to employers, HR consultants, insurance carriers, and healthcare providers. With offices in Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Vero Beach, FL, and Burlington, VT, they collaborate with over 950 corporate clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. 

Their award-winning content-communications platform empowers users to create, distribute, and track interactive video and branded multimedia content without the need for programming or IT resources for corporate, internal, employee, and marketing communications.

The Challenge

There were three different teams within the company responsible for manually assigning leads to the right department. This took up valuable time each day as the teams had to assess and label the leads correctly.

With no process in place to qualify each of the leads generated, this led to delays in the right assignments being made. These delays resulted in several missed opportunities, all because the system was not automated efficiently.

Their marketing teams also wanted to fine-tune their campaigns to attract leads that exhibit behaviours indicative of high interest and intent to purchase. They wanted to identify high-potential leads, enabling sales teams to focus efforts on prospects more likely to convert. They wanted to reduce the time spent on leads that are not yet ready to purchase, allowing the team to allocate time effectively.

Lastly, their system had 38 different Lead source values. Due to so many lead source values, there was no clear clue on which sources were driving most leads into the system.

This meant there was no proper team attribution associated with these, hence there was a continuous friction between sales and marketing teams. They hosted a lot of events and webinars but didn’t have the system in place to set up attribution for these, as they mostly imported spreadsheets into their system.

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Our Solution


HubSpot workflows and lists

We streamlined lead routing with HubSpot's automation, and optimised their lead routing process seamlessly through dynamic workflows, active lists, and custom dashboards.

Our process:

  • Documented their current process, suggested ways to improve, and then implemented the suggested changes.
  • Automated lead assignments based on location, industry, and lead score, ensuring instant routing to the right sales reps. The result? Quicker response times and a boost to the number of conversions.
  • Using HubSpot Lists, we created personalised communication segments, nurturing leads seamlessly throughout the buyer's journey.
  • Finally, we created dashboards with different reports showcasing the impact of effective lead routing.


Lead-scoring framework

As there was no lead-scoring framework in place, we set up the complete process from scratch. We built a custom lead-scoring model based on their business requirements, allowing them to quickly identify the opportunities they needed to prioritise.

There were three key steps that we undertook to implement a successful lead-scoring system:

  • Bucketed scoring into tiers/segments rather than scoring every demographic, firmographic, and intent marker individually.
  • Kept it clean. As they discovered that certain markers do not result in conversions, we removed them from the framework.
  • Created a reporting dashboard to understand which marketing-generated opportunities go on to generate revenue and keep track of the closed lost reasons so that you can keep the lead scoring clean.


Lead attribution automation

We streamlined lead attribution using HubSpot's automation, and optimised their current attribution process seamlessly through dynamic workflows, active lists, and custom dashboards.

Our process:

  • Documented Flimp Communication's current process and made the suggested changes. We created a detailed FigJam on which lead source values we could bring into a single category, and thus came up with 11 different final lead sources.
  • Mapped the original source & drill-down values with that of the lead source and lead source details property values, and created automation for the same.
  • Created a proper team-attribution system in HubSpot based on lead sources.
  • Provided import templates to the client with proper lead source values that they can use while importing more spreadsheets following events.
  • Finally, we created dashboards with different reports showcasing the impact of effective lead attribution.

Our impact

90% of leads now assigned to the correct owners

This resulted in a lot of time saved by reps,  saving approximately £6,250. It also meant more leads turning into sales, driving revenue.

40% increase in conversion rates

This targeted approach led to a 40% increase in conversion rates and a 30% reduction in sales cycle duration. It also meant less money was spent converting customers, when compared to businesses that don’t have a lead-scoring system.

Deals closed 5x faster

The systems we put in place accelerated the deals to close pipeline up to 5 times faster than when there was no lead-scoring. This helped increase the conversion rate from opportunities generated by marketing into closed won deals. 

40% increase in opportunity

The structured pipeline we created resulted in lead velocity improvement. This resulted in an observed 40% increase in opportunity.

Simplified lead sources

Simplifying how leads were labelled and scored, sped up the process by 70%. Before, they had to manually assign the lead sources, spending 1 hour daily on attributing list import leads. This has saved both time and approximately £1,500 monthly.

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Group 547

"As a lean organisation with aggressive growth goals, we knew we needed to add the RevOps function to the mix. We initially set out to improve the sales process, automate manual outreach tasks, and help with data integrity. Six months in with RevOps Automated and we now have the tools to work smarter and the data to grow even faster in 2024. Huge thanks to Jazmine, Meg and the RevOps Automated team."

Ross Simmons,
CRM and Marketing Operation Manager

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